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This shutdown is not the result of the two parties acting equally irresponsibly. It is the product of an increasingly radicalized Republican Party, controlled by a deeply disaffected base that demands legislative hostage-taking in an effort to get what it has not been able to attain through the electoral process or the judiciary.

Republicans in the House are making demands that are both preposterous and largely unrelated to budgetary matters. In return for keeping government running (and, even more ominously, for paying its bills), they want President Obama to undermine the health care law that he ran on in 2008 and 2012, and now considers his signature domestic accomplishment.

No president of either party could accept that kind of badgering. No president should, as it would set a terrible precedent. By USA Today's editorial board, on the “shutdown party” and where Americans should place the blame for the federal government shutdown. When the fence sitters at USA Today take a side AND sound reasonable, y’all know you did something wrong. (via bapgeek)

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This tendency was exemplified in the President’s speech, when he stated: ”We all know somebody — a family member, a friend, a neighbor — who has struggled or will struggle with mental health issues at some point in their lives.”

Note the construction of the sentence: “We all know somebody – a family member, a friend, a neighbor – who has struggled with mental illness.” The person with mental illness here is always someone else. They are always removed from ourselves. They are the people we help, the people we are sad for, the people we want to save. The people who are sick, the people who are hurting, the people with the problems – they are categorically not us. They are other.

They are, moreover, specifically not the implied audience of the sentence. The implied audience is the people who “know somebody’ with a mental illness. Obama probably wanted to evoke sympathy for people with mental illnesses. But in doing so, he reinforced the trope of the mentally ill as the “other” – as people who aren’t worth speaking to, and about, directly. Despite the fact that one in five Americans suffer, or will suffer, from a mental illness, and thus make up a fairly sizeable portion of the audience.

Thing is, I do actually know a family member, a friend AND a neighbor who has struggled with mental health issues. You know who else has struggled with mental health issues?



The “Family Members, Friends, Neighbors” approach to Mental Illness: Analysis of 2013′s National Conference on Mental Health | Culturally Disoriented (via gruntledandhinged)

Just like “wives, mothers, and daughters”.  This fucking othering language is exhausting.

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my parents are bashing Obama and gun control right now and i’m just sitting here like

  • "every school needs an armed policeman. multiple armed policemen…. put them at the malls. put them at the theatres. put them at the temples.”
  • "Obama can’t take our guns!" [btw we have no guns in the house….?]
  • "the NRA can do something about guns but Obama can’t"
  • "Obama said guns aren’t safe but he walks around with the Secret Service and they all have guns"
ugh just stop
mom you have no idea what you’re talking about
dad and Fox News are brainwashing you